Small Seeds, Big Impact

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Small Seeds, Big Impact

Growsel connects underserved Base of the Pyramid (BoP) smallholder farmers with lenders around the world to alleviate poverty

How It Works

Why Growsel?

100% of money lent on Growsel goes straight to the field, we rely on voluntary donations to continue this important work

Award & Recognition

Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Inclusion Startup Award, Visa Everywhere Initiative Farmers Life Changer Award for supporting smallholder farmers across Africa, Joint Farmers Community Initiative

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Our Unique Process

Provide index-based crop insurance to smallholder farmers Convert raised fund into improved agricultural inputs for better output and Work with field partners to endorse and provide training to farmers

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Changing lives, creating opportunities for smallholder farmers around the world

What our community say about us!

We are changing lives, building opportunities. Connecting under-financed smallholder farmers with supporters across the world.

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