What is Growsel?

Growsel is an online farmers’ marketplace that connects under-financed local farmers with investors, and helping local farmers access to global best agricultural practices through technology.

How do I join Growsel as a farmer?

Simply signup as a farmer on www.growsel.com and follow the instructions sent to your email for verification and confirmation process.

How much can Growsel give me?

Growsel acts as a conduit between farmers and Investors who invest in farms of their choice. Investors can get up to the full amount requested if the request goes through Growsel approval process.

What other support do I get as a farmer?

We support farmers with improved seeds, pesticide chemicals, fertilizers, tractors and global agricultural best practices to farmers through mobile technology.

Do I get all the funds invested directly?

Investor’s funds are used for improved seed, chemicals and fertilizers, while direct labor for weeding and farm management related needs are disbursed per farmer’s need.

How Much Does an investor need to Invest?

This depends on what farm and crop the investor would like to invest in, these generally consists of short-term and long-term farming covering 6 months to one year. A minimum investment of 10% is required for every farm project.

Are Investors given evidence of the Investment?

Yes, every investor get an invoice and a Certificate of Investment (COI), which gives details of the farm in question, farm location, and farm activity flow through out farming duration.

  What Should I Expect As ROI?

Agricultural investments are same as real sector investment, we do not promise results in a certain degree.  We can give our best estimate based on the statistics available not limited to location, season, seed, insurance, soil, fertilizers and chemical application etc. However, investor’ ROI ranges between10% to 25% depending on the farm and crop.

Can I lose my money on this investment?

No. Every farm has compulsory insurance cover for Investor funds and every verified farmer is encouraged to apply for personal accident and life insurance policies. Investors’ interests are guaranteed by Growsel meaning no matter what happens, you will still make a decent return on your investment.

What are the benefits for investing in a farm?

In addition to the financial benefits that you can get when the farming circle is completed, you are supporting under-financed local farmers, investing in Africa’s future and at the same time helping to grow local agriculture market.

How do I Invest now?

Browse our available farms and select a farm of your choice. Invest in the right farm project in line with budget and expected return on investment most appealing to you.

What kind of crops are available for investment?

We only cultivate cash crops with stable demand, good pricing and growing characteristics such as beans, sesame, cashew nuts, cassava, cocoa beans, groundnuts, palm kernels, palm oil, plantains, rice, rubber, sorghum, soybeans, yams and ginger etc.

How do I track progress of a farm and my investment?

We provide day-to-day calendar update of farm progress directly on your mobile phone via photos, videos and latest comments in real time.