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Farmer Info

Kwaghterna Emberga

₦650,000 Raised

(₦0 Outstanding)

100 %
Crop Rice
Funding Period 1 month
Land Preparation 1 month
Cultivation Period 3 months
Harvest & Sale 2 months
Total Investment Period 7 months
Size of Farm 3 Hectares
Amount Required ₦ 650,000
Farm Location Makurdi, Benue State

Kwaghterna resides in a village predominated by rice farmers  in Gwer local government, Benue State, Nigeria.

He has been a subsistence rice farmer for over a decade but he does not have funds to cultivate a farm large enough to give him profit to feed his family and meet other needs.

He needs N650,000 to cultivate a bigger farm land so that he can make enough money to provide food, shelter, clothing for his family and education for his children.

Amount Required ₦ 650,000
Minimum Investment ₦ 65,000
Expected Return 20 % ROI

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