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Farmer Info

Victor Umase

Victor Umase

Gwer , Benue State

Joined Dec 20, 2017

1 Farms

₦390,000 Raised

(₦260,000 Outstanding)

60 %
Crop Rice
Funding Period 1 month
Land Preparation 1 month
Cultivation Period 3 months
Harvest & Sale 2 months
Total Investment Period 7 months
Size of Farm 3 Hectares
Amount Required ₦ 650,000
Farm Location Gwer , Benue State

Victor has been farming for over twenty years but has not been able to raise enough money to enable him farm in commercial quantity, the burden of providing for a large family has rendered his profit worthless and shrank his capital year in year out.

His inability to expand his rice farm has continued to diminish his ability to provide food and other basic things for his family.

Victor needs 650,000 to increase his farmland and get necessary farm inputs so that he can make fore profit to take care of his family and other needs.



Amount Required ₦ 650,000
Minimum Investment ₦ 65,000
Expected Return 20 % ROI

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