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Farmer Info

Tyokumba Ushir

Tyokumba Ushir

Gwer West, Benue State

Joined Dec 20, 2017

1 Farms

₦650,000 Raised

(₦0 Outstanding)

100 %
Crop Rice
Funding Period 1 month
Land Preparation 1 month
Cultivation Period 3 months
Harvest & Sale 2 months
Total Investment Period 7 months
Size of Farm 3 Hectares
Amount Required ₦ 650,000
Farm Location Gwer West, Benue State

Tyokumba is a young and experienced smallholder rice farmer in Gwer local government in Benue State, Nigeria.

He needs help to fulfill his dream of becoming a commercial rice farmer. He has been into rice farming from his childhood with his parent.

Tyokumba derives satisfaction from rice farming because he does not like to see people go hungry, rice farming is his contribution towards ending hunger and increasing local rice production. He needs N650,000 to expand his rice farm and set him on the path of fulfilling his dream of becoming a commercial rice farmer.

Amount Required ₦ 650,000
Minimum Investment ₦ 65,000
Expected Return 20 % ROI

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