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10% ROS

Kwesi Boateng

Zaria, Kaduna

"A loan of N657,000 helps Kwesi completes his studies. He is an undergraduate of ABU Zaria Nigeria."

My name is Kwesi Boateng an undergraduate student of ABU Zaria Nigeria. My academic pursuit might end soon and abruptly due to lack of fund. A loan of N657,000 will not only help me complete my studies but will also put me on the path of becoming an Agripreneur which has always been my goal. I love Agriculture and I intend to make a living and career out of it.

GEIDI LTD is Social impact, agricincubator organisation that provides small holder agric businesses with leverage so they can participate commercially in their local market and satisfy premium markets with their produce and products.

Soya beans is the crop intended to be cultivated which will require some necesary farm inputs such as fertilizer,chemical,seed among others.

Amount Required ₦ 657,000
Amount Raised ₦ 0
Fundraisng Period 1 month
Land Preparation 1 month
Cultivation Period 6 months
Harvest & Sale 2 months
Total Lending Period 10 months
Project Location zaria, Kaduna
Size of Farm 3 Hectares
Project Stage Funding