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How We Manage Risks

We do NOT give smallholder or commercial farmers cash. We rather provide enhanced inputs and farming tools from money raised via crowd-funding and direct investment from partners. Farmers only get estimated 10% to 15% direct-labour money paid into their Growsel savings account opened with our partner bank.

Our core model covers Screening, Verification, Enrolment, Monitory, Data Capturing Technology, Marketplace and access to Global Agricultural Best Practices to mitigate risks, increases yield and profitability for both farmers and supporters from Land Preparation, Harvest Sales and Repayment stages.

Risk Mitigation

Farmer Risks

Individual farms are screened, verified and selected by Growsel’s field executives, existing Growsel Smart Farmers and local chiefs who authorize the acceptance of smallholder farm in their domain. Local farmers are required to submit a business plan and have to undergo these processes before listing their farms.

Weather Risks

Farmers are provided with access to Crop Insurance. The crop insurance cost has already been integrated in the amount of capital raised to these farmers. However, Growsel provides real time weather update forecast via app and mobile to local farms.

Pests Risks

This usually occurs when farmers have very limited capital. With the access to Growsel’s enhanced chemicals and pesticides, pests can be prevented. Farmers are also provided with access to agriculturist to infuse best practices in pest prevention/ mitigation. Crop insurance also covers damages from pests in some instances.

Market Risks

Farmers have access to Growsel partner off-takers who are available to off take high value crops even before harvest. However, prices may drop and spike at different times, depending on the supply and demand in the market. This is managed by recommending diversification of crops for each farmer, and by clustering different farmers together.

Input providers and partners